Cosmetic Tubes


There are many types of cosmetic tubes. According to the level, the tubes are divided into single-layer, double-layer and five-layer tubes, which are different in terms of feel, penetration resistance and pressure resistance.

Xianglin specializes in packaging customization of cosmetic tubes and daily necessities tubes.

Main products: eye cream tubes, sharp mouth tubes, flip cap tubes, customized aluminum-plastic tubes, plastic tubes, etc. Cosmetic tubes supplier.

Xianglin: The Healthcare Packaging Experts
16 Years experience in the healthcare packaging industry. Xianglin has been providing Plastic Medical…
4 printing methods of cosmetic tubes
The printing method of the tubes is closely related to the tubes manufacturing…
What are cosmetic tubes?
What are cosmetic tubes?
Cosmetic tubes are used for primary packaging of cosmetics. Plastic cosmetic tubes are…
Common types of Cosmetic tubes
The functions of cosmetics are becoming more and more detailed, and there are…
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